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Before Choosing the Right Custom Software Development Company – 10 Best Practices

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So, you’ve decided to go for custom-built software? That’s really great! However, with thousands of custom software development companies existing, if you’re not careful enough about selecting the right custom software development company can cause the biggest roadblock in your software project.

To help you choose the right custom software development company for your business, we’ve listed the 10 best practices that you can follow to make the right choice and maximize your organization’s revenue and business growth. 

Let’s get started,

Identify Your Current Process and Your Future Needs

Before you develop any software to enhance your business processes, it’s essential to define your current process, your expectations, and what success looks like. Defining these things will maximize your organization’s technology investment and streamline your entire project management process.  

So, here are a few things you need to know before you develop software:

  • The current state of the process. Make sure you ask subject-matter experts who handle the work on a daily basis and don’t make assumptions.
  • Why are you looking to make changes? 
  • How the desired state should look like. Sketch out the workflows and other processes the software is meant to support.

Decide the Type of People You Need to Get the Job Done

    • Your internal IT team.
    • People you hire or contract specifically for the job.
    • Custom software development companies.

      Once you’ve identified the goal of developing software, it is vital to choose the people who you need to make it done because custom software can be developed by the following individuals:

    You may be tempted to say you can handle everything with your in-house to save money. However, doing so has its drawbacks. In the first place, your team already has obligations; pulling them from their daily tasks could cause a slowdown for your entire organization. Secondly, your tech staff may not have experience with development.

    Therefore, outsourcing to custom software development companies makes the most sense because they have experts who are well-versed in many different technologies and programming languages as well as having successfully developed and implemented other custom software.

Look for Referrals

So, after several thoughts, if you’re ready to hand over the project to one of the trusted custom software development companies, look primarily, considering first-hand recommendations is always a better idea than experimenting right away. 

To get true feedback, be sure to ask your associates and network with those who have a good understanding of the company. Based on the feedback, you can make a decision by analyzing the information. By doing so, your decision would be less risky.

Check the Company Success Stories

When you’ve chosen the company through referrals, it doesn’t matter how well the company claims to be on every page, it’s the company’s deeds, or more precisely, their success stories or portfolios that speak louder than anything else.

Hence, check out the company’s success stories to gain an understanding of the company’s prime areas of expertise, the challenges their clients faced, and how the company was able to help solve those challenges. 

Remember, if you did not find an appropriate case study on the company’s website that pertains to your business, it doesn’t mean they don’t have the relevant experience for your project. 

There are many custom software providers who sign Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) which prevent them from divulging project information. As a result, it’s always good to speak directly with the company’s representative and ask this question directly.

Check for Technologies

Today the software development world is evolving at a rapid pace, so to gain a competitive edge in the market, never depend on old technologies that cannot deliver robust, secure software applications.

Verify that the custom software development company has always kept an eye on the latest technology trends. Identify their expertise in various development technologies. Based on their characteristics, determine the technology you want your custom application to get built on

Pay Attention to User Experience

Next to the technologies, it’s time to look for the user experience since UX tries to fulfill the user’s needs. Additionally, it aims to keep a user loyal to a product or brand by delivering positive experiences.

So, choose a custom software development company that has the expertise and resources to provide an exceptional user experience.  

Consider Security and Safety Issues

When developing any software, security is one of the top priorities you need to consider because today’s applications are often available over multiple networks and connected to the cloud, which makes them more vulnerable to security breaches and threats.

Hence, make sure the company you choose to work with has experience in vulnerability testing and advanced encryption algorithms – especially if you are working with sensitive information.

In case, the company lacks experience working with high security and safety systems, it could play a large role in breaking compliance rules. Look for a custom software development company with cybersecurity expertise that will implement the necessary measures to protect your data.

Focus on Delivery Time

The next best practice you need to follow is to find a custom software development company with a proven track record of on-time delivery. 

This will not only give you and your team sufficient time to test the software and report bugs (if any); it will also allow you to train your employees to make better use of the developed software. 

So, before choosing the custom software development company, decide the deadline of the application in the initial negotiation phase. Set the timeframe considering the time to be taken for debugging and training to avoid the last-minute scramble.

Good Communication

Next comes communication. Avoid choosing a team of developers, sitting in a dark room, coding, completely isolated from the outside world. This creates a communication barrier where you cannot provide your input and feedback in the time required.

Hence, choose a custom software development company where you can keep in touch with the software developers throughout the project, engage in discussion to understand their pros and cons, industry experience, and approach towards your project to get the best outcome.

Clarify about Post-Development Support

After all, it’s important to discuss the post-development support services with the software development company before handing over your project to them.  

Ensure that they commit (in writing) to provide software configuration, software customization, software orientation, software maintenance, and software backup services. 

Final Thoughts

We hope all the above information gives you a complete picture of what you need to consider before choosing a custom software development company that meets your business requirements. 

Additionally, these can also be tips for you to find the right custom software development company that can help you create a strong online presence to attract customers and grow your business.

If you are looking for a custom software development company that offers you the above features, then iCore software systems would be the best place you should head to. Our dedicated team of experienced software developers works closely with our clients to develop custom software applications that reflect the brand identity.

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