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Top social media marketing Trends 2021

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In the current era, social media is in the talk-up. Over 3.78 billion people use social media around the globe. As per statistics, 48% of the world population is busy scrolling feeds and tapping stories. As time changes, the trend has to elope.

Would you prefer using the same variant of gadgets? It’s a big no right! The same happens with social media trends. A trend gets followed approximately for a month. Though these trends entertain us, they create a great impact on the social media marketers’ community. Every brand which is Popular in social media is developed by an Social Media Marketer with their honing skills. The rapid shift in trends makes things difficult.

Working as a social media marketer is said to be simple.. You are your boss, and you earn six figures. In reality, it is different when you see from their shoes, it’s difficult, and it has got various tasks every day as the trend keeps changing.

Coming to the point, with a lot of social media and its trends evolve, Facebook’s Instagram has its own benefits. It acts as the best platform to gain popularity to its users.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the most popular Facebook and Instagram social media marketing trends for 2021.

Inevitable Instagram Reels

Back then, facebook’s Instagram launched a sensible tool using its social media strategy. This launch was made immediately after the central government of India banned Tik Tok in August 2020.

After such a launch,  Instagram’s active monthly users increased immensely to one billion. This tool is created to share 15-30 seconds of video content with inbuilt music and AR effects, which attracted the audience at a huge rate. As a result, it also increased audience engagements and social media presence.

This also helps the brands to make informal videos to convey their benefits to their target audience. The most fruitful use of this tool is that it converts the target audience into leads. It also influences the audience to choose their brands.

Live Streaming Breaks Records

Due to this novel coronavirus, we all faced a hectic situation that shaped people’s lives. This situation affected not only people’s lives but also the brands and companies. The brands evolved into those unavoidable situations and made a benefit out of it.

They turned everything virtual as it will help with the social distancing norms. After which, every offline brand made an online presence and started influencing their targeted audience.

Apart from these brands, the huge musical concert and political meetings started commencing online through zoom and google meets, as a result, which these two companies benefited. So many social media marketing agencies started launching their courses online through live sessions.

social media marketing Trends 2021

Engaging stories

Various brands planned their social media stories with the help of the content strategy team to convert the followers into leads. A survey states that 500 million users on Instagram interact through stories, especially graphical and AI-generated content.

More than 5.64% higher rates in stories tap-forwards and not in videos. The swipe-up options in the stories redirect the followers to the web page and after which the followers turn into leads.

The poll, ask me a question, and quiz updates on Facebook’s Instagram are fun, and also, it tempts the followers to engage inevitably.

Marketing campaign

Social media marketing campaigns are a great strategy an SMM could follow to sell their products and enhance the brand’s presentability. Undoubtedly, it can convert huge leads. To perform such a campaign, a well-structured goal has to be fixed by the team.

During this campaign, the brand itself has to promote its products by giving them trials. When I say trials I mean the samples or free resources which could enable the audience to buy their products.


IGTV can create heavy traffic to your brand, the more engagement, the more leads. The important feature of this tool is that the users can create 10-16 minute long videos. This helps the users in delivering brand projects, product benefits to the followers.

It also boosts the visibility of services and products and can entertain your audience. Networking is the best strategy a brand should follow. More genuine networks can yield more leads.

Final Thoughts

As more businesses are made online now to achieve more leads, social media trends become a business strategy. Knowingly or unknowingly, a lot of businesses are benefiting from social media presence.

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